Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm now a blogger!

At last, I've managed to create my own blog! After a two days' course on "Internet Technology in Teaching and Learning" organized by Center of Teaching and Learning (CTL) of the university, I've finally discovered various methods of exploring teaching materials via internet! It makes teaching much more fun and interesting. I must say, its quite a challenge for a person like me who've started a teaching career (1980's) with just merely "board and chalks'! Thanks to CTL for giving us the opportunity to learn new means of teaching, in a much smarter manner, especially in terms of getting new resources/ materials from the cyber world, where knowledge sharing is vital in making all of this possible!

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f a r a q i l a. said...

emak!! welcone to d club! ^^
pasni 24 hours la kt laptop kan mak?? hehehe