Monday, September 7, 2009

My Class at Sabak Bernam

As the University's Post Grad programmes' centres are scattered all over Malaysia, teaching the compulsory elective subject has certainly given me the chance to explore various part of the country at the same time. The latest task was at the Polytechnic Sultan Idris Shah at Sabak Bernam, with a group of students from the Faculty of Built Environment, who are actually the young lecturers of the Department of Hospitality and Tourism. This Department is fully equipped with facilities needed for the programme, which includes their very own "in house" hotel for the students to practice their skills in hotel management, and also for visitors and part time lecturers who have to spent their nights here.

Sabak Bernam is a district of Selangor, Malaysia. It is situated to the northwest of Selangor. It is bordered by the state of Perak to the north, Hulu Selangor to the east, Kuala Selangor to the south, and the Straits of Malacca to the west. Bernam River forms its border with Perak. Towns in Sabak Bernam include Sabak and Sekinchan.

The district is mainly a rice growing area. As such, Sabak Bernam's main economic activity is agriculture.

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