Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Class Reunion

Here is a special poem for my friends who have attended our class reunion at Sime Darby Convention Centre, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur on the 24th Oct. 2009;

Specially dedicated to my dear friends;

Kah Leng, Norlaily, Norliza, Swee Cheng, Suan Li, Ming Fei, Sook Cheng, Azian, Azila, Amtul, Sook Cheng, Yin Fong, Aminahtun, Martha and Rita Yong...

Class Reunion
By Ency Bearis

Together we came along, at least
for recollection of those yesteryears
from the time of our high school year
they say that year was the best

Years pass by
Different pathways we got through
Cycle of life we let it flow
Thou others had bade goodbye

Photographs we had, other vanished
In hand of God some classmates were taken
We hope they rest in peace in heaven
As one by one from earth they faded

We miss our friends
They were our classmates
They were our playmates
Some of them were your best friends

Sad to say this is the trend
But thats part of life we live in
Reality we face this is within
But we still continue our reunion we intend

Memories of high school years we recollect
Laugh to our young minds deed
Relive our naughtiness and crack head
Happiness are here we seek

Can we do this again?
As age taking our mundane
How many more years to attain?
And shall we meet again?

Looking forward to meet again in Port Dickson on 17th April, 2010...See you then, girls!

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