Friday, December 11, 2009

Setting Goals For Success

In simple terms what are goals? Goals are something that will give you DIRECTION in business and in your personal life...

They are very exciting and great fun, especially when you reach a goal, it makes you feel FANTASTIC...

Why Is Goal Setting so important to achieve success! Well here are some more reasons why:

1. Goals establish DIRECTION in your life.
2. Helps maintain MOTIVATION.
3. Challenges you to GROW.
4. Can improve your SELF IMAGE.
5. Gives you CONFIDENCE.
6. Drives your LIFE and your BUSINESS forward.
7. Makes you understand your reason WHY.


You Can Have Goals In All Areas Of Your Life:

- Personal
- Family
- Health
- Business
- Financial
- Leisure
- Friends
- Household
- Spiritual
- Community

How Do You set Goals? Goals should be set in categories of time, this way they keep you excited and focused.

- Short Term Goals - (weekly and monthly)
- Medium Goals (6months-1 year)
- Long Term Goals (3-5years)

Achieve by setting goals (TOP TIPS)

1. Once you have set your short term ,medium term and long term goals, write them down. DO NOT just keep them in your head, you wont achieve them.
2. Have a time scale for every goal....if you don't, nothing will happen.
3. Make goal boards with pictures of what you want. Have them visual there is nothing more powerful and exciting. I have my goals on sticky notes in my car, by my bed. I also have them stuck inside my purse, all this keeps excitement flowing everyday.
5. Be ambitious with your goals but also be realistic.
6. Adjust your goals. As you grow so will your goals.
7. Don't be put off by set backs THAT'S LIFE, adjust and move on.
8. When you reach a goal celebrate, have a great time, then focus on the next one...
9. Make sure you have a little meeting with yourself at the end of every week, to look at how everything is going.

If you want to know how to achieve then simply set goals. I hope I have given you a taster of how goal setting is done and what a difference it can make to having a successful life. I feel setting goals helps stop the boredom, and gives you something to aim for, they have certainly made my life more colourful and I hope that they make all your dreams come true.

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