Sunday, December 20, 2009

Friends that you should avoid

Do you have a couple of friends that always use you and make you feel awful? It is best to avoid these types of people as they don't make you feel positive about yourself. Friends should be there with you when you are at your worst and at your best. A friend that keeps using you can cause significant stress and financial problems to you.

Here a couple of friends you should avoid in your life:

1. The complainer.

This friend always likes to complain about something. It could be the air that he or she is breathing or the little things like having dirt on the bottom of the shoe.

2. The drama queen.

This person is always exaggerating things and complains how it is going to scar him/her for the rest of their life. If you go out with this type of person, doing normal things can be downright painful and difficult.

3. The user.

He/she always wants something from you but never returns the favor. This is annoying because friends meant to share and both people should mutually benefit. With these types of people, you tend to leave your wallet or the most precious possessions at home so they don't ask you for anything.

4. The stinker.

This person smells a lot and everywhere you go, people will complain about your friend's body odor. You always ask the person to have a shower and put some deodorant on but never do.

5. The negative guy.

He is always negative and has nothing good to say about anyone.

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