Sunday, July 12, 2009

Avoid Time Wasters

Just as saving money is a wise thing to do these days saving time may be even more important. The one resource that is absolutely limited is time. You have only so much, not a second more. You cannot afford to waste your most precious gift - time.

Here are ten easy tips to save some of that precious time:

1. Resist procrastination
- it is a big time waster. If you must do it, do it, get it done and stop putting it off.

2. Answer email in bunches, not as they pop up on the computer. Doing all of your small chores in grouped bunches is more productive and saves time.

3. Keep telephone calls short and to the point. Avoid needless chit-chat.

4. Find your purpose in what you are doing
- once you have clearly defined what you want to do and why you waste less time and get it accomplished.

5. Get organized
. Organized people are more productive and use their time more wisely. Take a little time to get organized - it pays off.

6. Write down your goals and refer to them
. People with goals are more achievement oriented and waste less time. People with written goals are many times more productive.

7. Carry reading materials and work with you everywhere you go (except vacation!). When you have to kill time waiting at a train crossing or in a traffic jam you can get a lot done.

8. When you need help ask for it. Don't waste time floundering about a problem when you can get help and move on.

9. Focus on your priorities
first thing in the morning. Work on your most time demanding tasks when you have the most energy.

10. Keep a record of how you spend your time for a week. Analyze it. You will be surprised and you will clearly see what you spend too much time on and what you spend too little on. Adjust. Remember the 80/20 rule, most of the time you gain 80% of your gain from 20% of your work. Use that.

The wiser you use time, and more you avoid wasting time, the more time you will have to do what you need to do and want to do. Time is your one limited resource - it is the one thing you cannot buy, rent or steal. Use it wisely.

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