Monday, July 20, 2009

Moments of Inspiration

Every now and then you will have a moment of inspiration caused by various things. It could be from reading a book, watching a movie, or even from listening to a song. When these rare moments happen, what you decide to do with it can literally change your life.

Have you ever had one of these moments happen where you got inspired, maybe smiled a bit, thought about doing things to make some difference in your life, but in the end, you ended up doing absolutely nothing? This happens a lot so most of us don't give it a second thought whenever we experience something inspirational. On the other hand, some people do take in that moment and actually do something about it, but normally, they don't stick to it long enough to make any real impact. So how can you best take advantage of these "moments of inspiration?" You do that by refueling your drive.

It's the same with anything that was started by an idea. One day you step on a scale and find that you're getting a bit on the heavy side and decide to go on a diet. One month later, you end up quitting because you no longer have that drive. The key to staying motivated long enough is to re-inspire yourself over and over. It's easy to forget why we set out to do what we're doing in the first place when we're in the middle of challenges and setbacks. This is the main reason why people fail to achieve their dreams. They forget the reason and therefore, lose the drive.

If you want to increase your chances of succeeding in obtaining whatever goal you want, you need to constantly re-inspire and re-motivate yourself. The way you do that is by going back to the source that got you wanting to make the first step in the first place. If it's a song your heard, then listen to the song again. If it's a video you saw, then watch the video again. If it was because you step on the scale and saw the painful truth, then step back on that scale.

This is just part of the equation. The other part involves having the right strategy but even with the right strategy, if you don't have the motivation to keep pressing on, then you will end up quitting. So whatever it is that you find inspirational or motivational, revisit those things frequently. By doing this, you will keep your will power high and your determination strong.

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