Sunday, July 5, 2009

The End of My Short Semester Classes

Today, I ended my Short Semester Classes with my Undergraduates' class. This class on "Technocrats and Development" was a very interesting and enjoyable one, full of fruitful discussions and the exchanging of new knowledge among us. Although the students came from different backgrounds, in terms of discipline of expertise, but they participate well and listen attentively to my lectures and also to the class presentations. Well done!

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To : My beloved Undergraduates,

All the best for your Final Exam this Friday (10th July, 2009). Good Luck. dear!

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Anonymous said...

wahh..tq dr. for uploading our pictures during the class..very interesting lecture + nice lecturer to remember..we will miss that moment for sure..hehe..anyway please pray for our final xm soon..take care & miss ue! - Aklima