Monday, June 8, 2009

Faculty @ The Twilight Zone

For the past few weeks, the faculty has transformed itself into a dead town @ The Twilight Zone. It's rather lonely and full of emptiness.......the classrooms, balcony, corridors, food kiosk, parking spaces, everywhere....! I truly miss the hustle and bustle of a thriving learning community with students and lecturers rushing to classes, endless discussions around the balcony, colloquiums, workshops, intellectual discourses, meetings, symposiums, seminars etc..Now, it seems that I'll have to wait for 28 more days till the semester resumes next July to experience all those routine again...Till then, its just........

Emptiness sounds like the wind in a hollow cave,
And smells like the bark of a tree,
It tastes like spoiled, curdled milk,
And feels like a cramp in your stomach,
Emptiness looks like a dark room at night.

........and now, it's everywhere! =>>

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_mmm_ said...

best ape time diorg break..x yah rebut parking...x yah rebut2 nak p lunch..makanan akan ade till 3pm...x payah pening2 nak rebut solat dgn budak2 kat surau...yg plg best..budak2 x sebok2 cari tutor diorg kat lab! nak2 yg foreigners...hohohoho....TU PLG BEST!!!!

Dr. Honey said...

Part tu memang bestle, tapi sunyi sikit takde kawan nak bersembang..! hu hu...Selalu tu ade je yang singgah bertanya itu dan ini..:-)..I think I miss that one!:-)Sunyi sikit diorang takde ni...!