Thursday, June 11, 2009

Simple Revisions for Grumpy Statements

Sometimes the thought that we are stuck being the way we are can cause stress to ourselves. The idea that we can't change just adds even more to that stress. Following are some ways we may revise our statements to alleviate that stress we may be bringing on ourselves.

Ten Grumpy Statement Revisions:

1. That's just who I am and I can't change that!
Revision: I don't have to be set in my ways. I can change that.

2. I can't do that!
Revision: I actually don't want to and I have a choice here.

3. That's impossible!
Revision: I wonder if there's a different approach to this situation.

4. That person makes me so mad!
Revision: I don't have to get mad, I can control my feelings.

5. Move it or lose it!
Revision: Excuse me, may I get through here?

6. Why should I?
Revision: I actually don't know how to, can you show me?

7. Don't tell me your problems!
Revision: Okay, let's see how we can solve this.

8. Hurry it up in there!
Revision: Hello, there's a waiting line out here.

9. I don't care!
Revision: I really do care; I just need a minute to breathe and de-escalate.

10. So what!
Revision: What are you really trying to tell me?

If life could be this simple, what would we do? Well, let's take these statements for a spin and find out. It's amazing that much our daily stress is actually created by ourselves. We can stop living our lives on autopilot and begin to be aware of our daily actions. We have more stress relieving techniques than we give ourselves credit for.

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