Monday, June 15, 2009

The Magical Moments - Part 2

WHAT??? AGAIN??? Another mini reunion in less than a month time? This is truly magical! Yes, me and my buddies gathered again for the second time and now, it was at PNB Darby Park (Penthouse?) in KL. It was certainly a joyous moment for all of us because we have our three other buddies joining us this time : Laily (Lell), Lt. Col. Raja Ahmad Ikram (RAI) and Najmi (affectionately known as "Cikgu Najmi", the English Language teacher of Akademi Fantasia 5 (AF5), a popular TV reality show). How time flies, and it has been almost 30 years since we last met. Due to some unforseen circumstances, our three other friends; Azila, Amtul,and Zuraidah could not be with us tonight, but Amtul managed to come over in the afternoon to our Guest House and spend some time with me and Yan. Thanks, Amtul for visiting us! We sure hope that the next reunion would reunites all of us together again, just like those good old days!

Fr L-R : Leez, Najmi, Lell and Me =>>

The Meal =>>

Fr L-R : Lell, Leez, Yan and Me =>>

The Dinner : (Clockwise) Lell, Me, Yan, Leez, Najmi, RAI, and wife (Nora) =>>

Enjoying the Meal =>>

Najmi serenades us with "Rindu Bayangan". He sings well, really! Just like a pro'! Thanks to Cikgu Shafi for the vocal classes during AF5! ;-) =>>

Fr L-R : Standing : Me and RAI, Sitting down: Lell, Yan and Leez =>>

The Finale at Lotus =>>

Me and Amtul at the Guest House =>>

Thank you all for being able to attend our mini reunion. I certainly hope that we will meet again sometimes, someday! Don't forget to keep in touch, dear!

Remember F.R.A.N.C.E (Friendship Remains And Never Can End)

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Super Umi said...

awat tak habaq awal2..nak sign autograph cikgu najmi ni....hehehehe...berbaloi sungguh facebook tu yek....

Dr. Honey said...

Awat? Minat kat Cikgu Najmi ke? Dia still single tau! Jengoklah blog dia kat :

Cikgu Najmi said...

Dear Dr. Honey, I AF 5 la, Not 4. Anyway, nak autograph anytime boleh. Bayar 20 sen.

It was great meeting all of you!

Take care.

Dr. Honey said...
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Dr. Honey said...

Thanks cikgu Najmi for joining in! I akan betulkan error tu ASAP! Ya. its great meeting you too! Tgk peminat you dah respond kat atas tu, Join Facebook boleh tengok gambar-gambar kita yang selebihnya tu, ya!