Monday, June 1, 2009

My Short Semester Classes

As usual, my Semester Break in May and June is occupied with part time classes during the weekends i.e One Post Grad class in KL (twice Saturday/Sundays) and two in JB (one Undergraduate class that I have to come twice Saturday/Sundays + one Sunday class, and another is an intensive Post Graduate class, four days in a row (30 May - 2 June). This class comprises of 15 students from Master of Land Administration and Development (LAD), 11 students from Master of Management (Technology), and 4 others from programmes such as Master in Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Science. What makes it much more interesting is that we have two international students with us ; Ali Piroozian (Iranian) and Zaid Abdul Abbas (Iraqi).

The beauty of this class is that the students came from various faculties with different academic background. Nevertheless, the ability to discuss is highly dependent on one's knowledge on certain issues which rooted from his/her reading material. Students who read a lot, outspoken, and able to speak out confidently on any topics being discussed, are the ones who shine. As we all know, global issues impact all social, environmental, economic, health, and security concerns. They are so important that they may literally determine the future of the human species. Students are expected to master their skills in understanding and analyzing global issues, and be able to recommend relevant measures to overcome all those challenges.

Me and students of Master of Land Administration and Development (LAD) =>>

Me and students of Master of Management (Technology), Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Science =>>

Presentations and Discussions =>>

Recapturing our moments together =>>

One for the album =>>

Thank you, all! Don't forget your assignments, OK!



kabuspagi said...

Dr. Honey.. thank very much.. u are the best.. hope u happy and succses forever..

kabuspagi said...

saya mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada Dr. saya senag dengan Dr. semoga DR. terus berjaya dan berbahagia..


Mohamad Sabri Bin Ahmad
Msc LAD Student

Dr. Honey said...

Thank you, Sabri. You guys are great too! Glad to have all of you in my class! I've really enjoyed every minute of it. See you then...insyaallah during your convocation! All the best!