Friday, June 26, 2009

Stop Making Excuses

Here are 7 key steps to stop making excuses.

* Think - Occasionally, we wait for the person to finish speaking and then we have a quick response. So that means we weren't listening, but just waiting to get our own words in. If you're not sure what the person is saying, say it. If necessary, repeat what they said and give them a chance to clarify. Correct communication will save a lot of drama.

* Take Ownership - Sometimes it takes a heated argument for many of us to say that we are wrong. We get caught up with trying to make ourselves look and sound good. Or we think the other person doesn't know what they're talking about and treat them that way.

* Listen - Don't feed into your emotions. From time to time, we tend to let our pain or anything else overshadow our part in the matter. To deflect blame, we make it about something else rather than what it really is. Save the Kleenex and call to your friends. Hear what the other person is saying; not what YOU think they are saying.

* Avoid Being Defensive - When you're being defensive, your response will come from an attack mode. You will not trust the intentions of the person that is speaking to you. Be careful to not let your fears prompt this type of reaction. Eventually it will lead to other squabbles about anything underneath the kitchen sink!

* Apologize - Apologize and be sincere about it. People know when you're not being genuine. Especially, if you say sorry and then do the same thing shortly after. Try to back it up with taking corrective steps.

* Be Humble - It's a tough pill to swallow when you have to admit that you were wrong or overlooked something. What can make it tougher is being unwilling to look human and admit your mistake. We all make them. Nevertheless, admitting wrong and not coming back with another excuse after you admitted fault, earns respect and trust from others.

* Learn & Move Forward - Not saying to throw a pity party, but ask yourself why did you do it in the first place? Was it fear of rejection, pride, egotism or a combination of all of these things? Learn from it. Drop the reasons and start a new season!

Lesley D. Nurse
"Create a better life and an even better you!"
Author of "19 Reasons Why He Really Left You Honey!"

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