Monday, August 24, 2009

Empowering Techniques to Overcome Defeat

Are you facing obstacles in your path? Do you get to feeling defeated when things seem too hard? Many successful people do not know what the word defeat means. Do you listen to all those little nagging voices in your head that tell you can't do something or that you really will never achieve something? Do you tend to think in pessimistic terms when you are faced with a seemingly huge challenge? Or do you think of a challenge as an adventure and look at things in an optimistic way? Do you believe that you can do whatever it takes to achieve something? Well, if you are somewhere in between read on for some ideas on empowering yourself to deal with challenges and work against defeat.

1. Get rid of all the negative thoughts in your head. Be consistent about throwing out the negative thoughts and replace them with a can do attitude and thought. Have you encountered someone who is constantly thinking negative thoughts and sure enough those negative thought patterns become real. Just as true when someone practices positive thought patterns, good things happen. We have the power within us to think positive, develop it.

2. Develop the mindset that you do not believe in defeat. Pretend that there is no such thing. Look at obstacles in life as challenges that you look forward to. Tell yourself that whatever the task or obstacle is you will face it and conquer it. After all you are a successful, worthy person and you believe this.

3. Watch a person you know who is empowered and manages their life on their terms. What traits or values does this person have that you can mimic? It really does work.

4. Instead of looking at a problem as a potential defeat, try looking at it as a question and learning experience. What can you learn by looking at the problem? Can you attempt to make something even better by examining the problem at hand and changing something?

5. Be like a stern parent in your life. Tell yourself that you will not allow self-defeating practices within yourself. Remind yourself that this is not an option.

Practice allowing success to enter into your life. Use a mantra each morning and evening, something like the following;

I will only allow success and positive acts in my life. I do not believe in defeat and see my problems as chances to benefit to move on to an even more perfect life.

Choose to live this mantra and pretty soon you will be empowered to overcome defeat in your life.

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