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How To Keep Students Entertained

How to Keep Students Entertained

By Chris Dobbs
eHow Community Member

Step 1

Wear something entertaining. Sunday school teachers can wear bright clothing, entertaining ties, and even hats. Teachers in a school cannot wear anything too flamboyant, but can wear a fun tie. For instance, if you are a chemistry teacher, consider purchasing a tie with the periodic table of elements embossed on it. It matches the subject, and you can joke that you only wear it 'periodically,' much to the enjoyment of your students.

Step 2

This brings us to the next step: make jokes. This does not mean that you have to be a comedian. It also does not mean that you should make jokes at the expense of learning. However, the occasional witty saying will entice students and make them pay more attention to the lecture. Do not make jokes at the expense of a student, however, but if something humorous happens, comments on it. You may even wish to consider starting every class with a brief, funny anecdote about your personal life, family, or someone you know.

Step 3

Speaking clearly and emphatically is a must. When making jokes or lecturing, you should not use a dry, David Wright style of voice. Do not speak in a monotone, or you will lull your students to sleep. Instead, inflect your tone and try to sound passionate about the topic you are teaching.

Step 4

You should also get input from students during the class. If you are lecturing about history, ask if anyone knows a certain fact before continuing. For example, ask first if anyone in your class knows the year in which Columbus sailed the ocean blue. If students know, let them answer. If nobody knows, only then teach that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. This will encourage class participation, which will in turn keep students more entertained.

Step 5

Get to know your students outside of the classroom. If your students like you on a personal level, they will be more inclined to pay attention and be entertained in your class.

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All this while, I've been practicing all those above steps as much as I possibly could. A good communication skill is vital in enhancing pure and honest "student-lecturer" relationship which highly depends on the willingness to open up their views on any academic or personal issues. Entertaining students does not only confine to teaching inside the classrooms, but it can also be done outside, with an informal conversation, which could turn out to be more relaxing and convenient for both parties.

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mast@work said...

kak yong buat semua tu.. heheh... including no 1, sampai ada student komen dalam borang penilaian, "cantik la tudung puan" kuang kuang kuang

Dr. Honey said...

Good! Ende pulak diorang suka tegur jam-jam pelik yang ende pakai ;-)hi hi...and "Are you sure you're that age? You don't sound like one! Sebab ende selalu guna bahasa & slanga budak2 sekarang! ;-) Well, we must keep abreast with the recent way of communication among that range of age group, right? Just to be closer to them and make them feel at ease!Bukan apa, nak memudahkan ilmu tu menyerap masuk ke akal dan jiwa masing2! ;-)

mast@work said...

betul enda.. totally agree.. sekarang ni lecturer dah tak boleh dah duduk depan cakap sorang2.. macam dulu2.. menghadap transparency aje.. nanti kena komen.. kat sini siap dekan hantar surat habis semester tengok markah student bagi dekat kita.. kalau markah rendah effect pada SKT juga.. aiyak!!