Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our 43rd Convocation Ceremony - Day 2

Academic Convocation stands as one of life's milestones marking the course of individual progress and achievement. It reminds graduates about their role in society and also a time for them to reflect on their past in order to shape their future. It is not only a joyous moment for the graduates, but also the lecturers, the university's authorities and all those who have helped to make the university a success in one way or another. It acknowledges their family and friends who have provided support and to celebrate together the sense of pride and accomplishment felt by everyone.

This morning, I've celebrated this joyous moment again with my Post Graduates who have finally succeed in their pursuit of knowledge for a better future. As adult learners, I really admire their hard work and determination. They have foreseen the opportunities that lie ahead of them and determined to move forward no matter what people says. They have sacrificed their heart and soul to realize their dreams and truly follow their heart.

To my dearest Post Graduates, Congratulations! I’m really proud of you and hope you’ll attain whatever dreams that you aspires! All the best to :-

Master of Management (Technology)
Aida Irwana, Anantha Kumar, Azrul Hanafi, Fahmi, Hanuar, Hatem, Julienah, Leow Yi Run, Lim Kim Yew, Mohamed Ali, Ridha, Azrin, Ramesh, Ramlah, Sallaudin, Siti Umamah, Tan Soon Pin, Zainun and Zeaid.

Master of Science (Human Resource Development)
Alexson, Andrianto, Azidahani, Farahiyah, Hafidzul, Hashim, Ilangkovan, Mariah, Ery Johaizal, Rusdi, Ridha @ Edy, Nasir, Fazlin, Noraziyati Bazlin, Hazira, Nurhafizah, Hasyinah, Rosli, Saraswathy, Sekam, Siti Hasliah, Siti Zarah, Wong Li Jean, Yuzlina and Zakaria.

A special message dedicated to my Post Graduates....

Today is your day. It is an important and memorable event in your lives. You have achieved distinction and made your family proud. Remember this moment... The degree you have obtained is a recognition of success. Apply the things you have learned as much as you could possibly could. Your degree represents an advantage in today's marketplace. Be proud of what you have accomplished. Build on it for the future. Spark up your creative minds to innovativeness that would reinforce your knowledge and other capabilities that are vital in this challenging globalisation era.

Remember this....

You will be forever close to my heart. If you're thinking of pursuing your PhD, my door is always open for you, just like it has been before. Please keep in touch and feel free to contact me anytime......! Adios!


Nura said...

will miss u a lot Dr Honey..Thanks a zillion for everything (",)

Dr. Honey said...

You're welcome, dear! I'll miss you too! ;-)