Saturday, August 29, 2009

Get yourself motivated

Wish we could all stay motivated forever - but we all know that that is not possible. There are however steps you can take to get yourself back into groove sooner rather than staying low for long periods of time. Here are my top ten ways to get yourself motivated:

1. Motivation Books: This is my number one tip. Books written by experts are full of tips and strategies to motivate you. True motivational stories are inspirational.

2. Motivational Music:
Music can always do wonders to your mood - Buy good motivating CDs, MP3s or download from iTunes. You can just let It play in the background and continue doing your work. I like to listen to positive music - irrespective of whether or not I need a dose of motivation.

3. Audio Books: These again can be played in the background - does not require too much of your involvement (like books). Listening to interview podcasts with successful people is another effective method.

4. Take a Walk: Sometimes just getting away from your work and taking a walk can be very effective. It refreshes your mind and helps you get clarity on issues at hand.

5. Motivational Quotes:
Just a few well written quotes can do wonders to your mood. This is why desktop calendars with good quotes are so popular. Reading a quote at the start of the day can help you start your day on a positive note.

6. Past Successes: Remember your past successes. Remind yourself how you worked through the obstacles and achieved your goal at the end. This can be quite uplifting.

7. Become Picky:
Be very picky about the type of news you consume (in the media). Too much television or too much depressing news can have negative effect.

8. Break Up Your Goal:
Break your goal into simple actionable steps. Do a few easy ones first. Once you can actually see what it will take to get your goal, things will seem far more attainable.

9. Deadline: Set yourself a deadline - share with others that you plan to finish something before a certain day.

10. End Result: Spend some time thinking and listing down all that you will gain by moving ahead on a project - at the same time also list down what you will lose by working on a project. Sometimes just seeing it all paper can work miracles on your mind.

The author, James W Terry, is passionate about helping people reach their goals. James believes that reading Motivation Books is one of the primary ways in which you can stay motivated for all round success. Check out his website for resources on Motivation. On his website, he presents to you some of the most powerful and inspirational Motivational Books ever written.

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