Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here comes "NORA BAKRY"

After 3 months of blogging "DR. HONEY" , I decided to have another blog that I could dedicate to my own local readers. i.e
a Malay version blog. (That's one of the advantages of being bilingual, I guess!). Although it is a "non academic" blog in nature, compared to DR. HONEY, but it certainly would be a motivating and an aspiring one too. I hope that it would gather its own followers just like DR. HONEY, which, at this point of time, has reached more than 5,000 hit list with almost 100 entries just within 3 months! Obviously, DR. HONEY is also a motivating factor for the creation of NORA BAKRY!

I hereby proudly present you with my new blog "NORA BAKRY" ( =>>


_mmm_ said...

dah linked dah!

Dr. Honey said...

Wah! Cepatnya Kak Nana ni!Tq ;-)

Dr. Honey said...
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