Friday, May 29, 2009

The Importance of Communication in a Relationship

Communication is basically the keystone on which you can build a happy relationship. It is the crucial mortar that binds the relationship together; any crack in it can actually crumble the relationship down. We are all aware of the necessity of communication in a relationship; it strengthens the bond and keeps the spark alive. But there are times when we are absolutely clueless about the facts and importance of communication in our life. This doesn’t imply that you are basically a naive person, but it only implies that you need to be more attentive towards your way of communicating with your partner in order to understand him/her better.

Good communication helps in building proper understanding between the two and that actually contributes to the development of a better and healthier relationship. The more you communicate the better clarity you develop and that actually enables you to be more familiar with the communicating approach of your partner and vice versa.

When you are into a relationship, a marriage, a commitment, you must give ample space to your partner. The first approach would be to look at yourself, your activities, your way of talking and your overall attitude towards your partner. In a marriage, people are usually dependent on their partners and there are times when they end up blaming the other for no cause at all. When the time is tougher than usual, these blaming and accusing issues creep in and that actually disturbs the alliance. In such situations, it is necessary to review one’s own activities and communicating it in the first place to the partner. You can easily blame someone else for their wrongs, but if you have to review yourself to find out your faults, things are hard-hitting. It’s not really easy to accept criticism; after all who would want to be called wrong!!

Communication doesn’t mean you just talk to the other or point out mistakes; it’s about helping one another to understand the different perspectives so as to avoid unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings.

Communication also means you must be able and willing to listen to what your partner has to say. A good listener encourages the scope of communication in their relationship, thus bringing in peace and harmony. Listening doesn’t mean just hearing the words spoken and then forgetting it altogether. It means you are paying dedicated attention to what your partner has to say. So don’t get confused. While listening, you must convey your interest in what your partner has to say. Communication in a marriage, or in any other relationship is expected to be sincere, open, patient and of course non-judgmental, if you truly want to have a successful married life.

Communicating well isn’t really complicated and can be achieved with a bit of patience and the desire to be together. You must also be able to gauge the perfect way of communicating with each other. Nothing in life happens by itself; all of us must strive to achieve things that we want and work on it with honesty. Communicating well with your partner, speaking, expressing through words and actions, listening can help in keeping the relationship alive.

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