Monday, May 25, 2009

The Magic of Facebook

As a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them, Facebook has truly re-connected me with my old friends. In this Facebook age, no one needs to wait a decade to reunite with our dearly ones. With its ability to track down long-lost friends and share messages and photos, Facebook is its own non-stop virtual reunion. Facebook appeals to people who are looking to be reconnected with their old friends and family members, or find new friends online; and the mash up of features like email, instant messaging, image and video sharing has certainly spark up this connections.


(The link to My Facebook is now situated on the right hand side of this blog under MY NETWORK)

After decades of searching for my long lost friends, I've finally managed to track them down via Facebook. Wasn't it magical? How technology has actually reunited us together after such a long period of time. Thank you, Sul for contacting Leez for me. And also, Zue.....! You know what, Zue, I've almost lost hope in seeing you again, dear! Zue has been writing to me and sending me cards years after years without fail, ever since we are apart, and when she suddenly stops doing this, my mind starts to wonder, whatever have actually happen to my dearest friend! Luckily, my instinct droves me to search for her in the Facebook yesterday, and I've finally managed to track her down. For me, it was truly magical, indeed...! Just like a dream comes true! Nevertheless, I'm still anxiously waiting for at least three other friends to join us in the Facebook : Azian, Azila, and Amtul. (We used to call ourselves, "The Secret Six" (remember those sweet times, dear? ;-)).

Other than re connecting myself with my beloved buddies, I also managed to join my School and University Alumni. (Also linked under MY NETWORK). And this is really great!

As a tribute to my beloved friends, let us refresh our fondest memories to our good old times together..........

At the teachers' room (Staff Room) after the rehearsel (for our school concert) =>

Our best Tuition Class ever, with Mr. Ho, affectionately known as "Pak Ho" =>

Getting ready for our School Concert =>

After the School Concert =>

Sports' Day =>

A Campfire with the Edwardians Boys =>

Specially dedicated to ;

The Secret Six
Me, Zuraidah, Norliza, Azian, Amtul and Azila... Love and miss all of you dearly!

Looking forward for a mini reunion soon, girls..!

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umi_e said...

Tahniah! berjaya 'jejak kasih' dari FACEBOOK :)

* semua bergantung pada individu... kalau individu itu tidak memberikan indentiti diri sebenar - boleh ke jumpa dan mengetahui dirinya???

** I have facebook too - mula2 dipekenalkan lagi... but i don't really bother... hehehehehehehe :P

Dr. Honey said...

Alhamdulillah, dapat contact hampir semua ahli Secret Six saya ni. Esok malam, insyallah ada dinner with two of them i.e Liza and Azian! Isn't that fast! Insyaallah, jika kita ikhlas mencari pasti akan berjumpa jua akhirnya...It certainly depend on us and how much we really care for our beloved friends! Just gunakan opportunity, in this case, technology, yang ada utk merapatkan silaturrahim sesama kita! :-)

Dr. Zye said...

Setuju tu, gang!