Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reminiscing About The Good Old Days

It's really nice reminiscing your most favourite part of life. In my case, it is high school that I love the most. It's one of the most memorable period of my life. It was then that I met a lot of true people and real friends. There were surely some down moments, but high school in general is bliss. That was the time when we’ve discovered our hidden potential and capabilities, that later develops our self esteem. How I wish I could turn back in time and revert to those moments just to be with my beloved friends again, sharing our joys and sorrows, experiencing our first crush or infatuation, cycling together around town, watching movies, and hanging around at our favourite ice kacang stall while listening to musics from the jukebox. It was really heaven! Life was so excited then, without much responsibilities to be committed to, other than to just study hard to achieve our goals in life.

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I could still remember fondly, my former high school, the great Treacher Methodist Girls School (currently known as SMK (P) Treacher Methodist) in Taiping, Perak which is one of the earliest all girls’ new school to be established in Malaysia. This school is strategically situated nearby historical, as well as important buildings such as the Museum (which is the first in Malaysia), the Lake Garden, Taiping Prison as well as the first Railway Station of Malaysia.

My Beloved School, Treacher Methodist Girls' School (TMGS) =>>

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My Classmates =>>

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This school was established in 1889 by Methodist Missionaries. Our alma mater has produced many successful and/or popular individuals, people like :-

• Asiah Abu Samah, now a Tan Sri (former DG of MOE)
• Hasmah Abdullah, now a Dato' (the current DG of LHDN)
• Saran Kaur, now a Prof (Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Industry and Community Partnerships) of UKM)
• Zahrah and Juriah Fenner - Both are aunts of the popular group - KRU.
• Junaidah Aman – A former national athlete
• Lum Sau Fong – A former national hockey player (Captain) and she was also my class monitor for two years, Form 4 and Form 5 Science White
• Raja Azmi – A film producer and wife to Jalani Sidek - a former national badminton player.
• Farawahida, the singer
• Azura Zainal Ratin , host and staff of TV3
• Fatma Najla, obygyn and medical columnist

Apart from all those high school excitement that I've mentioned above, there were many fads in the 1970's that really spiced up our life at that time. There were platform shoes and bell bottoms that people would wear them to almost everywhere, even to parties! Jogging suits were also a big trend in fashion. Later, when people started to worry about their weight, jogging became a popular sport, so jogging suits became popular not just for running and working out, but for fashion too. For teenagers, roller skating was one of our favourite past time activity.

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There were many different types of entertainment in the 1970's. Some of the entertainment was, of course, television. Among the favourites were "All in the Family", "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", "Sanford and Son" “Donny and Marie Show”, "The Six Million Dollar Man”, “The Bionic Woman” and various other shows , that we still see in reruns made their debus in the 1970's

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There were also many different styles of music in this decade. Disco dancing became popular with the release of the movie Saturday Night Fever. I could still remember how the boys in town love to imitate John Travolta's moves ; the way he dances, walks, speaks etc because they thought that it was cool and such a turn on to the girls, I guess! Heavy metal rock music was also born in the 70's. A popular heavy metal bands at that time was Led Zeppelin; David Bowie was another heavy metal rocker. In the late 1970's, a new rock movement, known as "punk rock" became the rage.

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Specially dedicated to those who have shared that good old days with me, in the 70s :

To all my beloved teachers :

The School Principal, Miss Satwant Kaur,
My teachers, Miss Looi, Mrs. Choong, Mrs. Wan Teh, Mrs. Khir, Mr. Sahar, Mr. Sum, Miss Ho, Miss Chang, Mrs. Lucas, Mrs. Xavier, Mr. Chuah and Mrs. Zaitone.

"Dear Sir/Mdm, Thank you for educating me to be what I am today. I wouldn't be here without your guidance and encouragement.. "

To my beloved friends,

Zuraidah, Amtul, Azila, Haslina, Norliza, Azian, Sau Foong, Zabidah, Nor Laily, Ahadini, Rosnah, Siew Choo, Zailiny, Khashiah, Kah Leng, Ming Fei, Suan Lee, Suria, Martha & Rita Yong (twins), Lee Phing, Lela, Lily, Mahanim, Norakma, Shasikala, Lita, Yoke Hooi, Mei Hung, and many more....!

....with whom I have shared all my joys and sorrows, during my teenage years, the ones that have taught me what true friendship is all about....!

Thanks, again. Love you all so much! Hope we'll find a day for our "Mini Reunion" soon!

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Super Umi said...

You have a lot of sweet memories...
Hope U still having contact them
and get union together...

Dr. Honey said...

Yes, Hope so! Really miss them dearly!

Marsha said...

Citer Kak Nora mengingatkan saya masa kecik my father bought me a t-shirt yg ader gambar donnie n marrie.Dan i masih ader gambar tu yg i memakai t-shirt tu masa tu umur 3 tahun. Mak cakap masa tu 3 tahun.eee

Tapi rasanyer u melalui satu zaman yg indah

Dr. Honey said...

Yes, Kmar, memang best! Kat Taiping pulak tu, satu bandar yang aman damai dan "happening"! Ada satu skating ring besar kat Lake Garden Taiping tu, tempat kitorang lepak-lepak, dan bersosial gitu...:-)hi hi