Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Magical Moments

When I wrote something on "The Magic of Facebook" in my previous entry, never in my wildest dream that the magical moments could turn out to be this soon. Leez called me yesterday to inform about her working assignment in JB. So, we thought that this could be the right time for us (me, Leez and Yan) to have our "Mini Reunion"! Leez (Dr. Norliza) is now an Assistant Director at the Ministry of Education in Putrajaya while Yan (Azian) is an Executive (Finance) at Agro Bank in JB.

So, here we are...Dinner at Danga Bay! How I wish the rest of the gang could be with us here, now....recollecting our nostalgic moments together, the good old days when life is not that complicated as it is now, the fun that we've shared, our first infatuation, our secret admirers @ "mini fan club", the tireless moments of cycling to school and all around town, campings, picnics, roller skating, hiking up Maxwell Hill etc.

There's certainly a lot of catching up to do....(30 years, mind you!),..and so many questions arises that need some updated answers such as "Whatever happens to "so and so"?" "Is he/she still single/alive?" "Where are they attached to now?" "When was the last time you've seen him/her?" etc.


My Buddies, Leez and Yan =>>

Our Meal =>>

"Something" for them to remember me by =>>

Enjoying Our Dinner =>>

Exchanging Business Cards =>>

Window Shopping =>>

Till we meet again, Take care, dear!

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