Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bravo! Great presentation...!

When I started blogging a few days back, I asked myself, "What should I write about in my blog?" Well, I grew up in an era where speaking out your thoughts and personal feelings was an unusual norm. We used to have diaries which we kept secretly from others and reading other people's belongings was such a taboo! The Internet Revolution has changed the way people expresses themselves, in such a way that their views over certain issues catches a wider scope of audience globally, and has great influence to others as well.

So, I decided to write something aspiring, motivating and knowledgeable, especially to my beloved "Precious Five" (my children) and also to my dearest students who are always close to my heart and soul :-)!! As a tribute to them, I hereby present one of my teaching environment which has actually taken place early this morning, during my class on Global Issues. This class which consists of around 40 wonderful and brilliant Post Grad (Master & PhD) students, certainly has great potential and initiative in giving their best shot.

Today, Azlan, Ridha, Haryzul and Julienah presented on "Coral Reef Issues" while Adham, Syed, Asyikin and Yuhanees discusses "Global Warming".

Last, but not least, I'd like to end this posting with a hilarious video on "transvestites" or "pondan" (in Malay Language) presented by : (from L-R);
Adel, Shah, Aman and Kecik. Enjoy!


mast@work said...

Oh, i love pst-grad classes.. small classes.. much closer to lecturers and especially classmate *wink wink.. you know why, right?

the video is very BOLD!! hahaa.. well done to your students..

Dr. Honey said...

When I asked them to present something yang ada impact, tak sangka pulak ini yang keluar. Actually, the're presenting something on prostituition, so ada relate sikit dgn pelacuran di kalangan pondan tu. so, at the end of the presentation, they presented this as if it's a true story "Pondan dah Bertaubat" so, semua terlopong jadi Tipah Tertipu, termasuk lecturernya sekali. Thanks Kak Yong for joining in, really appreciate it :-)!!

hafiz said...

Such a lovely wallpaper...Pasni sy pon kena blaja buat blog gak la..=)

Dr. Honey said...

No problem, Hafiz! Thanks for joining in! Wallpaper ni, anak saya Farah yang ajar. Masuk
cutest blog on the block punya website, ada banyak pilihan yang cute cute...!