Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Moving forward by acculturating the right values

Human civilization has evolved in the way economies work; from its agricultural base to the industrial one, where land, labor and capital were joined by entrepreneurship and technology. The next move to Information Age has added information and knowledge to this formula for economic survival and wealth creation. In this knowledge based economy where the acquisition of knowledge would enhance skills and competitiveness, the acculturation of knowledge workers is vital in producing quality human resource. Workers should be well equipped with the appropriate values, beliefs and behaviors that would facilitate the acquisition and exploitation of knowledge in a more practical and profitable manner. The acculturation of knowledge workers demands a shift in mindsets and attitudes towards the usage of Information Technology. Workers should be exposed to various modes of knowledge transfer to enable them to keep updated with new knowledge. Management plays an important role in providing the appropriate facilities and training that is vital to the developing and exploration of knowledge amongst the workers. They should be encouraged to be innovative, risk-averse and perceived technology as an enabler rather than a complicated device. These values and capabilities in technology application should be acculturated among industrial workers to enhance their competitiveness and capabilities in the globalized world. Malaysians, particularly the industrial workers should be nurtured with values that appreciate and prioritize the optimization of knowledge in order to compete globally with the other nations.

Note : This is actually the conclusion part of a paper I've presented at The Sixth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities 2008, Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey (15-18 July, 2008) entitled "The Acculturation of Knowledge Workers in Malaysian Industries". (It was quite a memorable and wonderful experience for me, just like a dream comes true!) This article was also published in The International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 6, Issue 1 (2008)(pp 51 - 58). CG Publisher.

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