Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Space of Inspiration

Wanna have a peep through my "space of inspiration"?. It's a place where I spent my entire day in the office doing all this stuffs which includes :-

1. Handling matters related to the Post Graduate Studies (since I'm the one in
charge here! :-)
2. Preparing my lecture notes.
3. Writing articles for publications/conferences.
4. Doing some research work (if there is any :-))
5. Entertaining clients (mainly my dearest Post Grad students).
6. Supervising, advising, counseling, inspiring, motivating, listening, story telling etc. Enjoy doing it, though :-)!
7. Lately, blogging...:-)

So, here goes ;-


Because i am here said...

your office is very beautiful! i have a question,the embroidery in the last photo come from chinese?!

mast@work said...

wowweee.. finally my beloved aunt start blogging.. *clap clap clap.. anyway, you should spice up your room, enda.. put some live things inside.. my students love my room because of the fishes and plants.. hehe.. it also makes us more approachable..

Dr. Honey said...

Yes, it does, Shar-Q. My best friend, Durri, gave it to me as a souvenir from China. Most of the gifts displayed here are from my beloved students except for the pink teddy bear (love u mum). This one is from my darling daughter, Farah. Thanks Shar-Q for joining in from China. Really appreciate it :-)!

Dr. Honey said...

Good idea, Kak Yong!

fara2sizuka said...

hehehe.. i saw my name there... =p