Thursday, March 19, 2009

Strengthening Your Self Discipline

Self-discipline is the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of your emotional state. It lies at the heart of character. A man of character exercises self discipline in almost everything he does. His whole life is ruled and governed by it. The exercise of self-discipline usually starts in childhood as
a result of the promptings of conscience, a sense of what is right, and allegiance to God. As we make it our habit and follow our conscience, we are exercising self-discipline and be able to build up our moral strength and character that would help us in our commitment to doing the right thing. And, with continued practice and use, our powers of self-discipline and self-denial increase and become automatic, habitual, and natural for us.

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Students who exercise self-discipline will:
• Complete their assignments
• Stay on task
• Wait to be called on
• Work toward personal and community goals
• Try again and again
• Ignore peer pressure
• Choose productive rather than destructive activities
• Control their tempers

Eight ways to strengthen your self-discipline
1. Decide that you really want to be someone who's self-disciplined. Your desire will motivate you to make good choices.
2. Make a personal commitment to develop and strengthen these traits. Write down specific things to do.
3. Learn the rules that determine what you can and cannot do.
4. Be accountable. Accept responsibility for your own behavior. Don't blame others for your actions and decisions.
5. Practice. Self-discipline is something you can teach yourself. For example, set aside time to read more or to clean up.
6. Do activities that enhance your self-discipline like yoga, walking, rock-climbing, practicing a musical instrument.
7. Eliminate harmful habits. For example, if you spend several hours each week watching violent videos or tv programs, make a conscious decision to spend your time in healthier, more productive ways.
8. Start a self-discipline group to plan and carry out activities.

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