Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The launching of our Post Graduate Student Society

Congratulations, all Post Graduate students!

We have officially launched our own Post Graduate Student Society today at 3.00pm. As the Head of Department for Post Graduate Studies and also the first, PhD graduate of this faculty, it was certainly a great honour for me to be given the opportunity to launch this historical moment. I hope that the society would be able to promote social cohesion among the students, to organize academic and social programmes and also to address whatever issues faced by them to the faculty.

Prof. Dr. Cameron Richards has kindly offered us his support by developing an online
community for all Post Graduate Student (using the social networking software ELLG), an informal seminar series (Chautauqua) supported with additional critical mentoring of students by academic staffs and some additional workshops to support students in various aspects of academic writing. I would advise all Post Graduate students to take this golden opportunity to learn and share new knowledge with him because he will be generally available every Thursday and Friday afternoons, 2-5pm for consultations. Thanks, Prof, for your support and encouragement! We really appreciate it..!


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