Friday, March 20, 2009

My Regular Visitors

As Head of Department for Post Graduate Studies, attending visitors is part of the job. They came over for various reasons and sometimes, problems that need to be solved wisely. Some came in by appointments, while others could just barge in without any specific reasons :-). I enjoyed every moment of it because they'd really brighten up my days with their exciting characters, interesting issues, and great sense of humour, which always finally left me smiling alone all by myself :-). I could generally classify my regular visitors into four distinctive groups :-

1. My best friends :
They regularly drop by to say “Hi”, (it might be because they miss me so much, or long for my "interesting" ways of entertaining them ;-)) and normally to update ourselves with some current issues, i.e Global, Domestic, Academic, etc. (:-))

Akmar =>>

Dr. Nik Hasnaa=>>

Husain =>>

Dr. Esa =>>

2. My supervisees : Of course they have to come and see me regularly, at least once a week, if possible, to get things done. Well, sometimes it could turn out to be a “free motivational session” and a little bit of counseling here and there :-)

Rosli =>>

Aman =>>

Chuk Li =>>

Tan =>>

Mapijan =>>

Sabaruddin =>>

Irene, Tze Tze and Lee =>> >

Putri, Pei Lin and Lynn =>>

3. Committee Members of our Post Graduate Society : They regularly come to seek for advice, signature, letters etc , and updating me with their activities.

Adel and Shah =>>

Fadillah =>>

Farahiyah =>>

4. My students : To discuss about their assignment, the best learning style, tips on how to study smart and get excellent grades, a little bit of motivational talks and coaching.

Vahideh (Iranian)=>>

(Fr L-R): Hafiz, Izza, Baya & Fatin =>>

Yew =>>

To : All My Regular Visitors

Wish you all the best! Thank you so much for your regular visits. I'd really appreciate it. You have been such an inspirational source for my blog too! Thank you, all!

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fara2sizuka said...

mane gmbr agh? hehee

Dr. Honey said...

Nanti dulu, tunggu sesuai dgn topik, baru boleh letak muka Aghah :-)

mast@work said...

enda.. kite dah masuk 2 3 kali dah.. tapi tak boleh nak bubuh comment.. huhu

anyway, gambar enda tu cam nak sama dah dengan gambar kat rumah tok lenggong dulu.. yang ada farah n aizat masa kecil2 dulu..

jeles nih!!

Dr. Honey said...

Alhamdulilah, dah kecik le skit dari dulu :-) Usaha tangga kejayaan Kak Yong, yakin boleh!