Monday, April 20, 2009

Blogs Created For My Beloved Ones

I've never thought that creating blogs for my beloved ones could be such an interesting and fruitful task that have not only enhances my creativeness but, at the same time brings us closer together. It's just like a sentimental "gift" that ultimately drives all of us to the world of bloggers where knowledge and views are shared openly all over the globe. What makes it much more interesting is that we've finally able to explore each other personal feelings and thoughts about certain issues, and this would certainly improves our perception and understanding towards others.

I hereby, proudly present these beautiful blogs that I've created for my beloved friends and students.......

Blueberry =>>

The President =>>

Miss Lyne 2305 =>>

Shah The Greatest =>>

Miss Kecil's Blog =>>

Dr. Zye's Blog =>>

Dr. Nik's Blog =>>

Dr. Kay's Blog =>>

Prof. NASA =>>

Prof. Jijah =>>

Dr. Wan's Blog =>>

Dr. Rozy =>>

Dr. Jasmine's Blog =>>

Dr. Sal =>>

Meedah P =>>

Jalak Lenteng =>>


_mmm_ said...

adlina abdul samad x d?? huhu btw..kitorg nak p jb hujung bulan nihhhh!!!!!

mast@work said...

ini boleh buat duit consultansi ni.. muhahahahaha

enda.. kite nak pi JB.. tapi harris tak tau lagi camne ni.. waaaa.. te nak makan kerabu kerang endaaaaaaaa

Dr. Honey said...

Insyaallah! Tapi 2 dan 3 May ada jaga exam final cam biasa! hu hu

Dr. Honey said...

Nana comel, it's based on "tempahan" where two main questions were then asked : "Have you got any blog name in mind?" and "What's your favourite colour? ".. and the rest, just leave it to the expert (mentor? me!), ok! hu hu. And my students told me that I sound just like a tailor!!(just like Pah Esah, I guess!)Hi hi

Miss Lyne 2305 said...

Dr.Honey...thank u soooooooooo much...8-)....

Dr. Honey said...

You're welcome, Lyne! Dah tgk blog u tadi...Well done! Good start, dear!