Saturday, April 18, 2009

Preparing For Final Exams

Preparing for final exams presents many students with several challenges. Students who have a successful study plan and stick to it will often perform better than those students who just wing it. Many students don't plan to fail but they simply fail to plan. Learning how to plan, developing your study skills and putting both to use will turn an ordinary student into a student who exceeds expectations. This article is designed to give you four proven final preparation tips and how to improve your study speed. The first thing you must understand is that you must start early.

A general rule of thumb is to start studying about a week or even two before the exam. The key is to get started and do not put it off. Waiting until the last minute will often cause you to maybe just get by and for many students that is ok. However, if you want to succeed and excel you must start your studying early. As you move closer to the final ramp it up.

A pivotal point in your study preparation is about three to four days before the final. This is the time you want to rachet up your study effort. The previous week and a half has been reviewing the material maybe a couple hours a day. Now that your into the home stretch you have to double to triple your efforts. Do this in short bursts. Don't sit down and study four or five hours straight, break it up a little bit and take breaks every forty five minutes.

Don't study the night before the final. If you have put in the time the previous two weeks then the night before the final should be relaxing and getting your mind right for the final. Last minute cram sessions are very limited in their effectiveness. Last minute cram session don't often add any more knowledge on the subject. Focus your exam preparation on the week to two weeks prior to the exam and I guarantee your scores will be higher than waiting until the last minute. In order for this to work you have to put in the time in those two weeks leading up to the exam.

Using these tips when you are preparing for final exams will help you be better prepared and will result in higher grades. Furthermore, increasing your studying speed can also help make you a better student. A website that has been a huge factor in my success and helped me become the student I always wanted to be is I simply followed the steps and was amazed at how my study speed increased. I was able to double the amount of material that I studied in half the time. I was also able to retain the information that I was studying. So take control of your grades and get serious, develop a plan and stick to it.

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ikaShyra said...

thnx mak for ur support..
te cube bt yg terbaek final ni..
mohon doakan slalu kjyn te taw..

Dr. Honey said...

Good luck, sayang! Love you so much! Mak sentiasa doakan kejayaan Te, dunia dan akhirat! Try your best, OK, dear!

Anonymous said...

very admire ur style dr norhani...
thks for sharing...

Dr. Honey said...

Thank you for appreciating! Which style are you referring to? The writing, the issues or my motherly advice/motivation to my daughter (IkaShyra)? :-) Just curious, are you one of my students? :-)Thanks anyway for your support!