Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm deeply touched!

"Let me say thank you for the gift
And more thanks for the thought
The greatest thing I can thank you for
is all the joy you’ve brought."

Thank you Izza, Hafiz, Fatin and Baya for the cute bouquet of fresh flowers + cute little bear + five "Ferrero Rochers" !

(Sitting : Me and Hafiz, Standing From L-R : Izza, Fatin and Baya)

Clockwise : Bajaie (a small Indonesian taxi) from Andrianto, Knitted handphone case from Chiew Ting, Brooch from Shah and a cute flower from Chuk Li

A watch from Adli (Oman)

A pen from Fazlin

A gift from our part time students (MSc HRD) - PESISIR, Johor Bahru

A gift from our full time students (MSc HRD) - PERDANA

Thank you so much! I'm deeply touched and honoured by your sweet thought and kindness. Really appreciate it! Wish you all the best, dear!

Lots of Love,
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