Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oral Presentation Checklist

Practise using a microphone.
Practise in front of a mirror.
Practise in front of a friend.
Prepare cue cards. Highlight key words to catch your eye.
Speak slowly.
Dress appropriately.
Practise gestures, expressions, and body language.
Don't just stand there. If possible, move around the stage or room.
Make eye contact with your audience.
Know who your audience will be.
Eat healthy food before a presentation. Avoid foods high in caffeine or sugar - they could make you edgy and nervous.
Tell your audience what your presentation is about in your introduction.

Be enthusiastic.
Know your topic very well.
Explain terms that might not be familiar to your audience.
Conclude your presentation by re-capping your message.
Practise using different voice tones and inflection.
Use humour when possible.
Have visuals ready and in order.
Have AV equipment ready and tested.
Know how to use your AV equipment.
Know how long your presentation will take to deliver.
Leave time for questions from the audience.
Have your handouts ready to leave with the audience.
Be calm - pause for a drink of water if you need to compose yourself.
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All the best for your Master's Project (Proposal & Write Up) presentation next week!
(13th - 17th April, 2009).

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