Sunday, April 5, 2009

Thanks, Liz Rizzo!

I was quite surprised when my blog's Feedjit live traffic feed (at the bottom, right hand side of this page) at this very moment, 12.00am, local time, is suddenly jammed with readers from the USA, Canada and Australia. So, I tracked on the source and finally found out it was from Ms Liz Rizzo wrote something on "Brand New Relationship-The First Three Months". Liz mentioned that her favourite blog for this week is mine!! Thanks for the compliment, Liz! (I'm glad you like my "crazy awesome blog design", too! :-). Actually, I've got all those rules of "maintaining a healthy relationship" from a website that I've acknowledged the source at the end of my posting.

I hereby attached Liz's comments on my blog :-


Ah, new relationships. When you're so cool... and so not cool. See: Scary stuff! (On a totally unrelated to this topic note, I also really enjoyed happyfunpants' funny post Ten REALLY good reasons to have babies...)

Here's a quickie: Postcards from Yo Momma shares Advice for Long-Distance Relationships. Mom's just sayin'!

Heidi from ThadenPierce got a proposal after six days... and married him nine years ago: I said, “Yes.”

QTMomma wonders about The Leagues of Dating (as in people being "in and out of each other's leagues").

And my fav of the week (and not just because of the crazy awesome blog design): Dr. Honey offers rules for Maintaining a Healthy Relationship.

In a new relationship? Written about it? I'd love for you to link it on up in the comments!

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Thanks, Liz!
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