Saturday, April 18, 2009

Last Minute Tips

The Learning Assistance & Resource Center at West Chester University of Pennsylvania is pleased to offer the following tips to help students who are preparing for final exams:

• Review should come early while material is still fresh in your mind.
• The first reading of the material should be followed by a break of several hours before a second reading of the same material.
• Predict exam questions using as many as possible resources including questions the textbook, chapter headings, class notes, and previous quizzes and exams.
• Keep all previous tests and review them prior to taking the final exam.
• Several days before the final exam, plan four or five assigned times in which to cover all of the term's material.
• The last session should be spent looking over the material of the whole course.
• Review the main points, especially those you find most difficult.
• As a rule of thumb, go through the main headings of the text or your notes and see if you can remember the content.
• For the week before and during exams, life should be as normal as possible and normal habits of sleeping, eating, exercising, etc. should be maintained.
• Get rest. A clear head is important for the efficient taking of exams.
• Eat a nutritious breakfast (or meal) before the exam, but do not overeat. Complex carbohydrates are better than foods high in fat content.
• Arrive early and choose a seat where latecomers will not disturb you. Do not sit by a window or next to the door; you will be distracted and will lose your train of thought.
• Look over the entire exam paper to see how long it is, which parts count more in scoring, or which parts may be easier to answer or require more time.
• Answer the easy questions first! Attack only one question at a time without worrying about the ones to come.
• Outline before answering essay questions.
• Leave a few minutes at the end to review your answers. Do not second-guess your answers to multiple-choice questions; your initial "hunch" is usually right.

To my beloved Aizat (son) and Ika (daughter), and also to all Post Graduate students of FPPSM :-

All the best for your coming Final Examinations! (20 April - 10 May, 2009). Good luck!

From : DR. HONEY


Blueberry said...

dr..doakan kami ye
ahad ni ada paper Dr Nik..takut lak..result write up hari tu tak tahu lagi....takutnye

Dr. Honey said...

Don't worry, be happy, banyak2 berdoa dan berusaha sedaya upaya. Insyallah, everything will be fine..! Think positive, OK!

aizat said...

thnx mak..

Dr. Honey said...

Try your best Ok, bang! You can do it. Mak sentiasa doakan kejayaan abang! Aamin..

Anonymous said...

My gang (Rina, Wana, Umai and myself Anthony) has the greatest pleasure to visit your lovely blog. True to its claim ..... truly inspiring. We are encouraged.


From: Post graduate students of HRD 2008/2009

Dr. Honey said...

Glad to hear that Anthony! All the best for your Final Exam this Sunday! See you there!